Monday, June 21, 2010

My oldies but goldies pet projects

Finally! I took the time to upload some of my old pet projects on google code. Briefly:

  • Flexigraph: a life-saver of a graph library. :) Packed with several unique features, but I have no time to comment them. Especially the Traverser API scoffs at all other java graph libraries of today (and this is several years old by now).
  • JBenchy: (my friends know this by the imaginative name "aggregator"). This is another life-saver if you are in the business of doing benchmarks/experiments and want a systematic way to store and analyze your collected points. Leverages the sheer expressive and analytical power of SQL GROUP BY statements, yet it hides all SQL from you so you can concentrate on your benchmark itself. It can also create nice diagrams for you, if you need some help with visualization.
  • MemoryMeasurer: Another uncharacteristically exotic name for a project! This little gem can compute the memory footprint of an arbitrary object graph / data structure. Did you ever wonder how much space does a default HashMap takes? Or an ArrayList of 5 HashMaps? Or whatever? Well, this is the tool for you. Also note that you can use it with JBenchy to create benchmarks for data structures, if this happens to be your thing. Oh, by the way, a new HashMap() takes 120 bytes, in case you did wonder.
Good! All my pets in line, with a new home. Enjoy :)